November 21

Great Movies You Need Great Actors


I am a movie addict, I watch movies everywhere and anytime I can. I have been watching movies since I don’t remember, when technology was far away worse than it is today. In those days movies weren’t great because of technology or special effects. They were great because of the storyline, directing and great acting.

“Movies about veterinarians”

I am not saying technology is bad or anything like that, I am just tired of these new movies that are all about special effect and fantasy. Movies about real life are disappearing from circulation. In these days if you want to talk to friends about movies, you have to talk about avatar who had a budget of over 200 million$ with a Pocahontas storyline, and with a leading actor like Sam Worthington(nothing against him, but I think he is an ordinary actor, maybe below the average).

You don’t see people anymore talk about movies like The Godfather, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Forrest Gump, Scent Of A Woman(to name a few), and this is because they do

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September 9

Great Movies Based In New York City


New York City is known for being a major tourist destination and also the city that never sleeps. Since it has a lot of famous attractions, it has provided a great backdrop for many great movies. From romantic flicks to action-packed motion pictures – a lot of movies have featured the bustling city of New York.

“All time great movies”

One of the main attractions of New York, the Empire State Building, is the favorite meeting place in classic romantic films such as An Affair to Remember, Love Affair and Sleepless in Seattle. The 1957 movie An Affair to Remember featured movie stars Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. While the 1939 movie Love Affair starred Charles Boyer and Irene Dunn. This movie was such a hit that a remake of it was released in 1994. It starred contemporary movie stars Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. And even though Sleepless in Seattle mostly features the city of Seattle, the pivotal part of this movie was shot in New York. This modern love story starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. All

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July 1

How to Select a Great Movie


Sometimes you just feel like a girls’ or a blokes’ night in, and so comes the question of how to select a great movie to watch. My friend Sam always told us that a group of three people should never go into a DVD rental store at the same time, because you’ll end up being there for hours and never really decide on which movies to hire.

When we’re selecting movies, we never go for the latest releases, because you pay a premium rate for movies that are new to the DVD shelves.

If you always select the movies that have been around for a while, then guess what? You have your own selection of “new” movies to choose from after a few months sincehat time the latest releases are down graded to recent releases at a discounted price. Not only do you save yourself some money, but you’ve also got a much better chance of having the “pick of the bunch” of the recent releases.


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November 19

Choose Your Favourite Walt Disney Theme Park

With so much to do at Disneyland, it’s difficult to decide what you want to do first. One of my favourite attractions is the Walt Disney Theme Park – Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As you enter a re-created Hollywood Boulevard that dates back to the 1930’s and 40’s, you can’t help but notice the Great Movie Ride Building. The building has been produced in the image of Hollywood’s world famous Chinese Theater.

As you board your ride, your attention will be drawn to the romantic Californian sunset and the “Hollywood Hills” with the ancient “Hollywoodland” sign. You are then greeted by 60 dancers on top of a cake, a recreation of the waterfall scene from the famous musical Footlight Parade.

Next as you travel through, you are greeted by pouring rain and the sight of Gene Kelly clinging onto a lamp-post and singing his most memorable song ever…”Singing in The Rain”. As if that wasn’t enough nostalgia to get you going, you then can hear the familiar chimes of Chim Chim Cher-ee as Bert and Mary (Poppins) descend from the rooftops and gently float down to earth with

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November 17

Great Movie Sites That Run a Lot Better With Satellite Internet

If you’re living further away from town these days and still are as interested in ever in the latest films and blockbusters that are coming out across the country, then it can be disappointing to try and keep in touch with the news via dial-up. After all, streaming the latest high definition trailer is a whole lot more difficult if you try to do it through a phone line, and forget about loading image-heavy pages showing you the latest in film shoots from around the world. While technology has definitely progressed at a rate where you should be able to see any website from anywhere, sometimes the internet service providers in your region haven’t. And that used to mean that rural cinephiles had to make due with dial-up, or just deal with it.

The addition of satellite internet as one of the numerous options for getting online these days means that you will be doing a whole lot better when it comes to streaming content or reading up on the filming process of your latest favorite film. Because satellite is able to move at the same speed that broadband does, streaming video is

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November 17

Video iPod Download

Everyone seems to be having a great blast with video iPod download, as such downloads are getting really popular more and more among iPod owners and aficionados. The popularity of such downloads is because of the great number of varieties that you can do these days. If you want to download and store videos on your iPod, you will be able to store 75 to about 80 films, but the maximum number of downloads can reach 160, it actually all depends on the length and quality of the movies that you download.

If you have the money to spare for some video iPod download, then you can have access to a great variety of videos of movies and music that are of excellent quality, all from iTunes. Services from iTunes include the latest Television shows, variety of great movies as well as pop music. Video shows of your favorite artists, performers and singers are also available on iTunes.

Of course, there are those who do not have the money to pay for video iPod downloads, and if you are one of them, that what you can do is avail of

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October 16

You Missed The Wedding But You Found A Great, Great Movie

The best way to begin is by saying that nice things often happen in strange places.

So let’s say you’re attending a wedding in another city and you’re staying at a motel that pretty much flat out lied about each amenity they promised. The room is impossibly small – with an unfettered view of the ice machines, which, round about midnight sound a lot like a platoon of Hell’s Angel retiming their Harleys. The air conditioner, on the other hand is whisper-quiet, but all it seems to do is sweep the moisture-laden air from one side of your room to the other. To top it off, you must dealing with those wooden hangers you can’t steal because the wood part isn’t attached to the metal top, which also helps make them a major pain in the neck to hang anything on. Like, for instance, a tuxedo, which you now discover at the dusty bottom of the closet.

The wedding’s tonight. There’s about an hour to go before your good friend makes the largest mistake of his already wasted young life. Your rental car has no GPS, you have no map,

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October 15

Great Movies About Veterinarians

There have been many great movies about veterinarians ever since the dawn of cinema, and more and more continue to debut every year. It seems we have a love affair with our veterinarians and want to write them into many of our films in this country and overseas. The following are some of the great movies about veterinarians that have come out in the United States over the last 20 years:

Dr. Dolittle – Tail to the Chief (2008): Peter Coyote, Elise Gatien and Malcolm Stewart star in this comedy about veterinarian Maya DoLittle, who is able to deal with and communicate with animals in a special way. In this film the president enlists her services to avoid a dog-related disaster.

50 First Dates (2004): Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler star in this romantic comedy about a marine veterinarian in Hawaii who frequently romances female tourists, so he doesn’t get attached and deter his Alaskan career plans, until falling in love with a beautiful local woman who loses her memory every day.

Corky Romano (2001) Peter Falk, Kris Kattan and Vinessa Shaw star in this comedy about

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October 14

Great Movie Quotes

Movies are remembered for specific aspects of their film. Some are recognized for the relationships which occur during the film, others are called to mind for the impact they have had on pop culture. However, there are also many great movies remembered for specific quotes.

Men in Black

Agent J: “Did you ever flashy thing me?”

Agent K: “No.”

Agent J: “I ain’t playing, K. Did you ever flashy thing me?”

Agent K: “No.”

Independence Day

Capt. Hiller: “Welcome to Earth!”


Executioner: The prisoner wishes to say a word.

William Wallace: FREEEEE-DOMMMMMM!

Blues Brothers

Elwood: “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full tank of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses… HIT IT!”

The Big Lebowski

The Dude: “Let’s go bowling.”


Ted Striker: Surely you must be joking.

Dr. Rumack: I never joke. And don’t call

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October 13

Great Movies to Increase the Levels of Motivation of a Team

In today’s society, we live an hidden paradox. On one side, people are led to an increasing isolation and on the other end, they are obliged to be well integrated in groups (as a result of their work or leisure) and to be motivated. This is, at the least, an herculean task!

If the individual is simply left at his own will, many times, his behavior doesn’t correspond to what was expected from him, to his capacities and abilities, to his potential… And why this happens?

Simply, because the individual doesn’t have MOTIVATION! And individuals without motivation, simply can´t make a motivated group and generate great results!

Motivation can be defined as the internal and/or external strength, that enhances or reduces the persecution of defined goals.

There are 5 excellent movies (listed below) that approaches in a sublime way the issues of individuality, group belonging and motivation and how their conjugation, influences the results of a group.

Whether you are a manager, a collaborator, or simply a person seeking for extra motivation, watch:

1) Remember the Titans

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October 12

Great Movies About Computers

Plenty of great movies about computers have come out since these smart machines began playing such a huge role in humans’ lives. Filmmakers have created fictional, factual and documentary-style movies about artificial intelligence, gaming, hacking, online communications, programming, viruses, web sites and other subjects relating to computers. Even films about war and supernatural themes have focused on computers. The following list includes some of the great movies about computers with a brief description of what they are about:

AI: As the name implies, this is the story of a future world where Artificial Intelligence is possible, and a childlike android has been programmed to love.

Hackers: A 1990s film starring a young Angelina Jolie, depicting a young group of hip hackers and all the trouble they get into during a corporate extortion conspiracy.

The Terminator Series: About a cyborg (half man, half computer) who comes back in time to kill Sarah Conner.

The Matrix Series: The story of a future world where computers have taken over and are using humans for power, keeping our minds tapped into a virtual world to distract us from

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September 11

Fashion From The Couch Great Movies

Fashion in movies is a really easy and fun way to get some inspiration for dressing up and some of the outfits will take your breath away. Here are some of my favourite fashion moments on film, if you haven’t seen them then put them on your list of must sees:

Old School Classics

Gangster chic at its best in the classic Bonnie and Clyde where Faye Dunaway shows us how to wear a bob, a beret and a scarf while on the run.

Mia Farrow is superbly presented in The Great Gatsby as is Robert Redford, it’s like a fantasy land of beautiful clothes, beautiful people and beautiful homes. A classic well worth seeing.

I recently watched Out Of Africa with my Mum, what a great movie! Meryl Streep is of course wonderful, but her outfits are also divine from her hunting outfit in Denmark to arriving in Kenya in her travelling suit, her wedding outfit (not a dress) and wearing a beautiful scarf and shirt at home on her coffee plantation.

Defining style growing up


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September 9

Books That Became Great Movies

Who does not love a great movie? These days movies are probably more popular as a form of entertainment than reading (I say probably because I still want to believe that the world chooses reading first!). At least us book lovers out there can rest assured that the stories, the really good ones that we could not put down, are often being turned into equally great movies! For example, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood written by Rebecca Wells is charming, funny, and devastatingly honest about alcoholism and how it affects a childs life all the way into adulthood. Sidda and Vivis tumultuous relationship is easy to imagine and easier to root for a happy ending. This is a book worth reading as well as continuing on to read the titles spun off of it (Little Altars Everywhere and Ya-Yas in Bloom).

The movie is just as good. Of course, as any true Harry Potter fan will tell you, it is IMPOSSIBLE to include all the good parts of book in the movie version. The best we can hope for is a good rendition of our beloved story. Well, the Ya-Ya movie

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August 8

Great Movie Soundtracks

There are loads of great movie themes.

Why is it the ones that stick with us are tinged with sadness.

Some you remember because they’re just great tunes, others we remember because they compliment the movie but occasionally there are the ones that define a movie and are intrinsically linked with the celluloid itself.

The following three themes are some of the saddest and make for some of the greatest movie art of all time.

The Godfather Waltz – Nino Rota

This is the one theme that is worth taking up the trumpet for and spending all the endless hours of practice needed to perform this iconic piece.

The theme takes on various transformations during the course of the movie, but it’s the haunting solo trumpet theme that really defines the movie. Sad almost like a eulogy, maybe the association of the trumpet with the last post makes this the perfect instrument to carry this theme.

After all the orchestration, and variations that the theme undergoes, in the end we are left with the feeling

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August 7

Three Great Movies From the Early 2000s

It’s scary to think that a whole decade has just gone by, which means that the movies I’m about to mention are almost ten years old each. They all came out during the beginning of the decade, and I suppose they could almost be seen as classics at this point. Anyway, I hadn’t seen these movies in a while but always loved them, so I decided to see them again. To my satisfaction, they were just as good this time around as they were when I first watched them.

First of all, Memento was a great movie. This Christopher Nolan film is a psychological thriller with a very interesting plot and a completely original means of filming the story line. Check this out if you never have, as it’s still one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Jared Leto and crew are great in Requiem for a Dream. This is a Darren Aronofsky movie, and while the director has since moved on to bigger films like Batman, this movie showcases his talent and his original style of directing movies. This is a very serious subject matter (drug addiction), and

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August 6

Great Sex is Like a Great Movie

A quick search tells me about 600 movies are released in US theatres each year. Now have a quick think and work out how many of those movies you actually watched. Then have another think and decide what ones you thought were actually great movies.

Now, putting aside personal preferences, there are some movies that capture the imagination of millions of people. Sometimes these are the movies that attract a lot of buzz like the latest Indiana Jones movie… but that doesn’t guarantee people will love it.

If you look at the various lists of top movies, I find there’s one common thread that runs through them. They took the audience on an emotional journey.

Think about your favourite movies… what emotions do you feel? Do you fall in love with the characters? Or do you hate them? Do the movies scare you? Or do they make you laugh? All great movies cause an emotional reaction in the viewer.

And the same is true for great sex. Sure, you can have sex 600 times a year, but if there’s no emotion it’ll never be great sex. If you think back to your most memorable

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August 5

Great Movies That Have Left Behind Unforgettable Memories

In my younger days I was a movie fanatic and there were practically no good movies that I did not get to see. I made it a point to see any good movie that was released. Of course those were things of the past and today I hardly go to the theater to see movies other than watch one once in a blue moon on television. When we were kids it movies were sheer entertainment and those were the days when the new digital techniques and effects had not yet been discovered. It was toward the fag end of the 1970’s that sci-fiction movies started becoming the order of the day.

The great movies that I am talking about are ones like “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben-Hur”, “Gone With The Wind”,, “Helen of Troy”, “Spartacus”, “Julius Caesar”, “Antony and Cleopatra”, “Solomon and Sheba”, “Jason and The Argonauts”, the ever famous Alfred Hitchcock horror movie “Psycho” the list seems endless. Most of the movies that have been mentioned here are ones that have been Oscar award winners and movies like “Ben-Hur” bagged more than five awards in it s time. Those were the days when

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July 4

All Time Great Movies

Movies have always fascinated people the world over. The classic movies of the 50s and 60s have enthralled viewers with their magnificent scenery, great storylines, and sizzling star castings. These movies have never gone out of style or even out of our minds. Movies like ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Sound of music’, ‘My fair lady’ and ‘Roman Holiday’ all have their own unique charm that has captivated the hearts of millions of viewers the world over. These epic movies have created a permanent place in the hearts and minds of millions of moviegoers.

Watching these all time great movies on DVD is a great way to celebrate holidays or other special occasions. We will be discussing here some of the greatest movies of all time which are available on DVD for home viewing.

One such great “must watch” is the epic movie named ‘Ten Commandments’ based on the biblical story of Moses. This movie is great to watch with the whole family. The character of Moses was portrayed by Charton Heston, which became as immortal as the film itself. The story from the bible is the source of the plot,

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July 3

Great Movies About Chefs

There have been great movies in the past about food and chefs. We have loved them all and enjoyed them, some less some more. Now on the silver screen is a new movie called, ‘Julie & Julia’. The message the movie conveys is that everyone and anyone can become a chef, the only thing you need is the love for food.

When we look at the various movies about chefs we can never forget some of the very few that marked an impression on our minds. One of those is ‘Ratatouille’ where a chef who is a rat named ‘Remy’ overlooks his rat heritage.

To understand what people felt about great movies about chefs, a random poll was conducted. Some of the chef movies that took a front position as one of the best liked chef movies includes ‘No Reservations’, with Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the no nonsense chef Kate Armstrong. Then there was Adam Sandler’s ‘Spanglish’ where he played the part of John Clansky. In the movie ‘Babette’s Feast’, Stephane Audran played the role of Babette. One other movie, a romantic comedy called ‘Women on Top’, presented Penelope Cruz as

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July 2

What Makes a Great Movie

So what makes a great movie, a movie that you will always remember? For me, I remember the very bad and horrible movies almost as much as I do the great ones, which unfortunately are very few and far between.

A very rare instance of seeing two movies in a row, one very bad and one great happened yesterday when I saw one of the best movies I have ever seen right after seeing a very bad movie happened. I don’t remember ever seeing two movies in a row before that were so different in quality.

The bad movie was the Interview, the controversial movie that was banned from theaters because of terrorist threats and even received some comments from the President of the United States. This movie was supposed to be a comedy and committed the cardinal sin of a comedy, it just wasn’t funny. There were grotesque scenes of human defecation after death, people biting other people’s fingers off during fight scenes, and plot and most scenes which just made no sense at all. What a tragedy that a movie this bad, one of the worst I have

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